Food and No Food Charter

A wide variety of paper suitable for food and non-food products. Wrap your food with our neutral or branded solutions, customizable with a white, full or metallic background up to two colors. Discover our leather paper, perfect for wrapping dry products for pastry, ice cream, oven or bakery. Evaluate the coupled paper, anti-grease, available in polythene and compostable version, 100% water-repellent for the preservation of meats and greasy foods (such as sandwiches, fried or hamburgers). All papers ensure the non-transferability of the ink from the wrapping to the food and are available in sizes of: 75x100 cm, 50x75 cm and 50x37.5 cm.

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Brown greaseproof paper for food 35x50 cm

From   €36.98   Pieces per carton: 10

Non-personalized brown anti-grease paper, ideal for wrapping sandwiches, sandwiches, toast, hot dogs, donuts and greasy foods. Compostable and ecological.