Shipping and returns


Packages are usually delivered to the courier within 18 working days after receipt of payment and approval of the graphic draft sent by our graphic office, while for deliveries of non-personalized products the times indicated within the product characteristics are intended as working and useful for delivery to the courier.

Shipping costs include packaging and postage costs. Packaging costs are fixed, while transport costs vary according to the total weight of the shipment. We recommend that you group your items in one order. We cannot group two separate orders executed separately, and shipping costs will be applied to each of them. Your package will be sent under your responsibility, but special attention is paid to fragile items.

The boxes are reasonably sized and your items are well protected.


The material always travels at the risk of the Customer, even when it is made free at destination and even if the shipment is insured, it being understood that each shipment is carried out for specific assignment and on behalf of the Customer. It is up to the Customer, therefore, to carry out the necessary qualitative and quantitative checks of the goods upon acceptance, reporting in writing on the delivery documents any anomaly and having the carrier countersign them, in order to allow P & F Packaging & Food srl to exercise the right of recourse.
In case of impossibility, the Customer is obliged to accept the goods subject to subsequent verification of quality and quantity.
P&F Packaging & Food srl reserves the right to choose the carrier without this constituting an exception to the provisions of the previous paragraph. In any case, damages or indemnities for various reasons for failure to comply with the delivery deadline are excluded.


Together with the products, their containers and packaging materials are also permanently transferred, at the price and conditions in force at the time of shipment. The collection and disposal of empty containers and / or semi-finished products are, at every stage, the responsibility of the user of the product (Presidential Decree no. 915/1982).